Dr. Vanissar Tarakali’s interview with Conscious Living Radio

This month I am delighted to share the interview I gave to Andrew Rezmer of Conscious living Radio in Vancouver, Canada. The interview begins after the show’s 6 minute opening song.

In it I speak about my somatic and intuitive coaching work and workshops.

I also describe how my early mystical experiences and encounters with deities shaped my life and name. I talk about being a closeted child-mystic in Toronto, and the eleven year spiritual emergence process that defined my twenties.

These formative experiences led me to commit to Tibetan Buddhism and social justice education. These experiences continue to inform my current practice of Generative Somatics, Intuitive Reading and healing oppression work.

Halfway through the interview I facilitate Andrew through an on-air collaborate-with-your-body coaching session. Listening to this will give you a sense of my “body-whisperer” approach to healing trauma and contraction. I hope you enjoy it.

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