“Finding Home in Your Bones” Videos with Dr. Vanissar Tarakali

Hi Everyone:

Happy September! My birth month has me feeling adventurous, so instead of writing, I made a couple of videos…

Finding Home in Your Bones I:


Finding Home in Your Bones II:

The videos lead you through 3 grounding practices I call “bones meditations.” I share these practices with my clients on a regular basis to help with grounding.

I invite you to watch and “try on” the practices. If one or more of them feel good to you, I recommend you practice them daily. Bones meditations can increase your self-trust and create a feeling of safe-haven in your body. Enjoy!


4 thoughts on ““Finding Home in Your Bones” Videos with Dr. Vanissar Tarakali

  1. Sylvia Cust

    Vanissar, your blog is very interesting and thanks for the generous offerings of your videos on grounding.
    (clicking on the link will not open it…not sure why)
    Thank you for starting a great discussion on trauma as a doorway to spiritual growth.
    I look forward to continue to share the wisdom gleaned from your epic healing journey as well as my own and our personal, spiritual-somatic practice. I must read Peter Levine’s new book.
    thank you, peace-out.

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  3. Kancut

    My brother Jason, last week i sent our three dieefrfnt posts regarding the 2012 Blog of The Year Award, I nominated you on the December 7th one. You are special and your words have life, and they bring a soothing peace! The particulars are on the post embrace it and congratulations to you my friend and, God bless!

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