Remote Coaching with Vanissar

Dear Far Flung Friends:

Did you know that I am a seasoned practitioner of remote work?

These are my live video & phone services:

1) Somatic & Intuitive Coaching

For trauma healing, spiritual growth, social justice support, vocation support, finding agency within chronic pain/illness.

You will:

* receive “body-whisperer” & intuitive insights from me;

* learn how to track & interpret your sensations;

* collaborate with your body;

* experience generative somatics practices & interventions;

* take away practical, pleasurable homework.

2) Intuitive Readings

Receive a download of information read from your energy field.  Options to record your session &/or include Bird Essences are available.

3) Curriculum Consults

4) Vocation Mentoring for Healers, Teachers & Activists

5) Spiritual Mentoring & Guidance

Consulting & mentoring by mutual arrangement.

6) Trauma Survivors in Love (TSIL) Relationship Coaching

All sessions (except TSIL session) run 50-60 minutes & cost $140.
A package of 4 sessions is $525.


To schedule a free 20 minute consultation, email or text Vanissar at or (510) 908-0936

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