zee & I are going on the road.

First stop: the Pacific Northwest.

October 2019: Vancouver, British Columbia.

November 1-13, 2019: Washington 

November 14-30: Oregon.

In each territory we will dialogue with the land & its inhabitants.

This trip is an exploration for me, a dialogue with folks who are worried about the planet and our future.  A way to plant seeds of connection, and inspire local folks to start creating together.

As you can see below, I have useful workshops to offer, and powerful somatic coaching sessions to share, but you do not have to host a workshop or become a client to join me in this dialogue. As my schedule allows, I am happy to meet with you and talk about how the climate crisis is impacting you/your community. Or if you want to host an informal potluck or dinner for folks to discuss concerns and solutions, I will come.

The purpose of Somatics for Climate Resilience (S4CR) 1:1 Tune-ups and Skillshops is to support you/your community to align with the earth, center in your resilience & turn your visions for climate justice, climate adaptation & mutual aid community into reality.

Somatic tune-ups, and somatic trauma coaching can transform your relationship to the inner & outer obstacles that undermine creative responses to the climate crisis.


View detailed Skillshop descriptions here

Community Healing & Resilience Skillshops

Working With Climate Fear & Grief

  • Finding Ease in Uncertainty: Somatic Safety & Resilience Practices
  • Befriend Your Climate Grief

Trauma Healing/Community Building

  • Trauma Survivors in Community 
  • Take Care of You & Sustain Your Organization
  • Unwinding Oppression Trauma: Somatic Tools for Healers & Facilitators

Free, Off-grid, Portable Healing

  • Somatic First Aid for Climate Trauma
  • Your Healing Hands: Energy Healing 

Community Action for Justice Skillshops

Embodying Social Justice

  • How Oppression Shows Up in Our Bodies
  • De-shaming Social Justice Work

Embodying the Collective

  • Embody Your Allyship for Climate Justice
  • Embody Your Allyship for Racial Justice
  • Recycle Your Abundance For Collective Resilience


Would you like to collaborate? I would be delighted to co-create a community dialogue or healing/training gathering with you.

Somatic & Intuitive Coaching/Somatic Tune-Up Cost:

60 minute individual coaching session: $150 or barter exchange.* 

Group Somatic Tune-Ups or Skillshops* Cost:

$25 per person per hour (minimum of 5 participants), or

$150-$300 per hour for organizations, or barter exchange.*

*Vanissar is willing to barter for: 1. low-scent, private workspace with reliable wifi for video-calls  2. low-scent, wheelchair accessible workshop space; 3. low-scent, parakeet-friendly lodging, 4. transportation to our next destination. (For example, I am looking for a ride from Sumas WA to Bellingham, WA on November 1st.)

Dr. Tarakali’s work is deeply rooted in social justice practice, trauma healing modalities, neuroscience & somatic & intuitive wisdom theories & practice. She is committed to sharing the skills she has gathered with communities in a respectful, friendly & accessible manner.


If you are vaguely interested in connecting with me in *any* way during my travels, or know folks who probably would want to connect, please let me know.

You do not have to have a specific plan or dates.

Just let me know if you might want me to visit, or if you would like to host me and zee or host a workshop, or if you want a somatic coaching session or sessions, and if you want to barter/trade or pay me for my services.  I will be working while I am on the road (seeing video clients), and do not need to be offering a workshop every where I go. (But I am willing.)

When I hear back from you, I will see how many folks in which areas are interested, and that will help me create an itinerary. I can also connect folks from the same area who might want to host a workshop but do not want to take that on alone.

Here is my tentative schedule:

October 1-30 in Vancouver/Vancouver Island,

November 1-13-ish in Seattle and Whidbey Island,

[possibly Vashon Island and/or Olympia in between]

November 14-24-ish in Portland,

November 25-ish making my way south, Eugene? Ashland? etc

arriving back in California December 1st.



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