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Dr. Tarakali’s lifelong relationship with birds recently took a surprising turn. She was inspired (badgered, actually) by her bird friends (the “Bird of Directors” or “Advisory Birds”) to create 17 essence tinctures called Taken Under Wing.

Similar to Rescue Remedy, bird essences are energy medicine, in this case the channeled energy of specific birds, including parrots, owls and raptors.

Each Taken Under Wing  tincture embodies a unique aspect of avian wisdom that the bird friends are eager to share with humans (and other beings) to support healing and transformation.



The 17 essences (made from bird essences, 80% spring water, and 20% raspberry or pear infused brandy) include: 

Nourishing Partnership (parrot medicine): for balanced, reciprocal relationships.

Slow Down (eagle medicine): for grounding that embodies vast expansiveness into vast depths.

Bad-ass Female (hawk medicine): for unapologetic, relaxed, ferocious feminine power (for all genders).

Agency-in-Disability (parrot medicine): to access agency/joy within circumstances of chronic pain, illness or disability.

Altar Eagle: for moving back and forth seamlessly between ordinary life/tasks and visionary, big picture activities and experiences.

Hunter-Healer (owl medicine):  for healers and self-healers, enhances the ability to gently and precisely discern subtle wounds and root sources of trauma and illness.

Liberation Beyond Form (parrot medicine): support to release old identities and ways of being after the death of a loved one or the dissolution of a familiar relationship, job, home, etc.

Good Death (parrot medicine): for a loving, connected dying process that unfolds on your terms.

Preening (parrot & raptor medicine): for meditation, re-aligning body/mind/spirit with your nature and the universe, bestowing blessings with your presence.

Adorable Owl: allowing yourself to be adored; radiant self-love that invites others to experience their adorableness.

Taken Under Wing (parrot medicine): for healthy, evolving mentor/mentee and parent/child relationships.

Healer’s Friend (Combination formula: Hunter Healer and Altar Eagle): support for healers of all kinds to do profound, visionary and grounded work.


The remaining 5 essences embody the personality and wisdom of birds that Dr. Tarakali was blessed to live with and who are now “Advisory Birds”:

Joshi (dusky lory medicine)

A passionate, playful fiery-orange parrot who always threw his whole self into Life, with nothing held back, living each moment to the fullest.

Kiwi Honeybee (green parakeet medicine)

A wise, dignified and cheerful teacher with excellent boundaries and an extraordinary ability to influence beings and shape events for the benefit of all.

Tigger Meringue (yellow parakeet medicine)

A sunlight-and-lemon bird with a big warm, exquisitely gentle presence. He was always open-hearted, generously bestowing love or singing and hopping for joy.

Snow Lion  (white & lapis parakeet medicine)

An athletic, adventurous, persistent and courageous beauty, with snowy white and lapis feathers. She always faced the places that scared her and never, ever gave up.

Powa (turquoise parakeet medicine)

A dreamy baby bird who loved long, warm cuddles as much as he loved shooting through the cosmos like a comet. An excellent ally for psychic work.


If you would like to try out some of the essences, contact Dr. Vanissar Tarakali at (510) 594-6812 or email vanissar@vanissar.com

Dr. Tarakali’s website is here.

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