Tarakali Education Workshop Offerings

Hi friends:

I am still working on this month’s article!
In the meantime, here is a list of the workshops I offer now and again. If you are interested in me bringing any of these to your workplace or organization, please let me know. I am happy to tailor any of these (or any combination of them) to meet your needs.
I am also willing to travel to your town to offer workshops…



How Oppression Shows Up in the Body

Learn how internalized oppression and internalized dominance show up in our bodies and how to transform denial, powerlessness & shame into creative action.

Unraveling The Armor of Privilege

Compassionate practices to transform the common trauma survival strategies of being conditioned into the oppressor role; using privilege in service of social justice; re-awakening our innate empathy, interconnectedness & generosity.

Embody Your Allyship for Social Justice Allies

Build community while learning to transform your obstacles & channel your privilege into authentic, passionate allyship.


Healing Trauma & Oppression In Your Body

Do it yourself trauma-healing principles & practices that you can use right away to support your healing process.

Emotional First Aid

Simple techniques to soothe & center self or another when triggered. Learn effective ways to support survivors of intimate trauma & oppression.

Vicarious Trauma, Self-Care & Sustainability for Social Service/Justice Workers

Creative responses to vicarious trauma & stress. Practical tools to restore yourself each day. Learn how to take better care of you, your co-workers & your clients to sustain your important work.

Restoring Healthy Boundaries

Somatic & energy body practices to support creating clear boundaries and healthy relationships with loved ones, clients and co-workers.


Developing a Grounded Spiritual Practice

Embodied tools to support a sustainable, grounded spiritual practice; spiritual emergence/emergency support; understanding how trauma impacts our relationship to the Divine.

Awakening Intuition

Tips on reading the energy body & keeping your energy boundaries clear while you offer intuitive insights to others. You will learn basic intuitive reading skills & develop greater trust in your intuition.

Your Healing Hands: Energy Healing for Self & Others

Using your hands to heal; grounding your energy body & keeping energy boundaries clear; sensing pain & promoting healing in the energy body; discover your unique energy healing gifts.

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